Sarah Schmitt
Sarah Schmitt

I believe that art should impact someone’s perspective. It’s not to say that artwork that doesn’t fulfill this “requirement” is immediately categorized as “bad art” in my mind, but it is to say that I tend to appreciate art that influences me somehow.

When I create work, I always try to present a new idea, or, an old idea in a new way. In a variety of ways I have deconstructed the traditional (see “Genie”), critiqued the conventional (see “NC-17”), and made the mundane fantastical (see all giant portraiture). I have done this a variety of different ways. I often pull from one of my favorite artists- Barbara Kruger- and literally spell out the intent of the artwork with typography. Other approaches I’ve taken have been naturalism, depiction of the human figure, and shifting of scale.

Scale has been something that I have really enjoyed exploring in the last year. Large scale drawings was originally a technical exercise, something to push my skillset, but it became something else entirely. Scale became a way to present the normal in an abnormal way, and it is something that I continue to play with and that I hope to continue to play with for years to come.

I am currently attending The Cooper Union in New York City. I look up to artists Barbara Kruger, Diane Victor, Ai Weiwei, and JR.

(And of course my fabulous teachers & mentors Erika Hibbert and Urmilla Sethuraman)